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Fiction, Poetry and essays


Richard's creative writing has been published widely in literary magazines, anthologies and books in several countries. Below can be found details and links to some of his writing.

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Richard's fiction has been published in a wide range of literary journals internationally including Personal Bests (UK), Muse India, Spillwords (USA) and Spadina Review (Canada).

Breaching the Barriers (Cyberwit 2022) a collection of Richard's short stories and essays from India, provide reflections on his experiences of more than 20 years visiting and working in that country


Richard's Collection of poetry A Sense of Place (Cyberwit 2020) contains work based around a lifetime of travel in the UK and internationally. It features poetry previously published in a range of international poetry magazines including The Cannon's Mouth (UK), Taj Mahal Review (India), Runcible Spoon (UK),  Anak Sastra (Malaysia)  and Northampton Poetry Review (UK).

     "Rose blends place into struggles and existence of the location, philosophical thoughts and perhaps real-life happenings that define the poem itself. It's an impressive use of balance in presentation... These poems rejoice in their discoveries of place. They will show their readers a life lived fully in each one." 
                                                                                                            L.B. Sadlacek - author of Words and Bones on A Sense of Place.

Other examples of Richard's poetry can be found in
Peeking Cat Poetry (UK), Spillwords (USA), Kitaab (Singapore) Better than Starbucks (USA) and the anthology Black Bamboo (USA)

Letters to Lucia and Bloomsday

In 2018 Letters to Lucia, a play commemorating the life of Lucia Anna Joyce, daughter of James Joyce written jointly with James Vollmar, received its first performance by the Triskellion Irish Theatre Company. Lucia was a dancer who throughout her life suffered from mental health issues and spent her final years at St Andrew's Hospital in Northampton. At her own request she was buried in Kingsthorpe Cemetery in Northampton, where annually, on June 16th (Bloomsday) local writers, artists, musicians and others with an interest in the works of James Joyce gather for an evening of readings. Richard has been giving reading at this event over several years.

                                                                                  The text of Letters to Lucia, with added sections including notes on the origins of                                                                                               the play, on its production and an interview with a therapist who worked with                                                                                                     Lucia during her time in St Andrews Hospital was published in 2018

                                                                      The role of James Joyce was played by Gerry Molumby, Kathleen Neel by                                                                                                            Bernadette Hart and Nora Barnacle Joyce, by Deirdre O'Byrne

                Fraser Haines played the role of  Frank Bugdgen
              Andy Smith was Samuel Beckett.

Cast and others from 2018 production L-R Sean Cannon from "The Dubliners", Ruaidhri Dowling from Irish Embassy,
Peter Mulligan from Irish Community Arts, Colin O'Loughlin - musician, Gerry Molumby, Bernadette Hart, Deirdre O'Byrne,
Andrew Smith, Richard Rose, Fraser Haines, James Vollmar.

                                          See James Joyce (Gerry Molumby) in a pre-production publicity video at this link 

Newspaper Report: Irish Post 
Newspaper Report Irish Times

Following the Covid19 Pandemic that halted all events, it was finally possible to recommence readings to celebrate Bloomsday in 2021. Richard joined other writers and Joyce enthusiasts at the annual event at Lucia's grave in Northampton. Of note this year was the contribution made by Sean Cannon and Paddy Kelly, brother of the late Luke Kelly from "The Dubliners" who lead the assembled group in singing of traditional Irish songs.
Another significant feature was the recording and subsequent broadcast of the evening by the "
Irish in the UK TV Show."

                                                                                     Deirdre O'Byrne, Irish story teller and academic being interviewed for Irish in the
                                                                                     UK TV at Bloomsday, Northampton 2021.

The 2021 event received good press coverage in 2021, possibly because of just coming out of Covid lockdown.

                                                                                                                                                             Reading at Bloomsday 2021

In 2022 as part of the international celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Joyce's Ulysses and the 40th anniversary of the death of Lucia Anna Joyce, "Letters to Lucia" was given  a further performance in Northampton.

                                                                           The cast for the 2022 production:
                                                                            Frank Budgen -
James Hornsby
                                                                            James Joyce -  Gerry Molumby
                                                                            Nora Joyce - Deirdre O'Byrne
                                                                            Kathleen Neel - Beverley Webster
                                                                            Samuel Beckett - Stewart McGrath

                                                                                The programme cover features a picture of Deirdre O'Byrne as Nora Joyce in the 2018                                                                                     production of the play.

Report for Letters to Lucia - Irish Post 4th June 2022

Letters to Lucia 2022 in Rehearsal

And in Performance
pictures from Bloomsday 2022, Northampton

The cast and writers join members of the audience

Irish in The UK TV Show

The 2022 performance of Letters to Lucia was recorded for the Irish in The UK TV show which can be seen at this link

Short Story Excerpt Reading

An excerpt from  recent short story, "Solitude," written by Richard and published in 'Personal Bests Short Story Journal' edition 4 is available on Youtube at the link below


Hauling Nets

Richard's poem Hauling Nets can be heard read over a video recording of the scenes on a Kerala beach that inspired its writing. It is available on You Tube at at the following link.
Hauling Nets

A review of Boris Kokotov's latest book "Welcome to the Smashing Center" was recently published in Bewildering Stories. Kokotov has produced an interesting and eclectic mix of short stories, Russian translations of poetry, mini-dramas, and his own poetry. An excellent read. The review can be read at
No Longer Lost in Translation

A review of the Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk's recent novel "Nights of Plague", written by Richard and published in  "The Writing Disorder" can be seen here.

Nights of Plague

A poem "Thurlstone Plovers", written shortly after a visit to Devon has been published in the Anthology Poetica # 9

New Collection of Short Stories

The Artist's Model and Other Stories, a collection of 22 stories, some of which have been illustrated by the artist Jean Edwards, has recently been published by Cyberwit.



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Cast Musicians Writer Director and VIP guests at Bloomsday Nothampton 2018 Cormac Molumby
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A review of "The Artist's Model,"written by novelist and poet L.B. Sedlacek can be seen here.

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