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This section provides information about some of Richard's academic books.

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'Christina Tilstone and Richard Rose have produced a lively, engaging and useful book. They bring together a range of contributors to examine ways in which the move to inclusion can be enhanced ... This is a thoroughly useful book, well compiled and edited, with helpful summaries...' Gary Thomas, Times Educational Supplement

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'This is a clear and consise introduction to teaching pupils experiencing difficulties in learning in mainstream primary schools...the authors provide practical positive guidance for teachers who are being inducted nto the profession'Senco Update, May 2007

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Becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assista
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"Rose blends place into struggles and existence of the location, philosophical thoughts and perhaps real-life happenings that define the poem itself.  It’s an impressive use of balance in presentation…These poems rejoice in their discoveries of place.  They will show the reader a life lived fully in each one."

               L.B. Sedlacek  author of Words and Bones and I’m No Robot

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 "It’s funny, thought provoking, erudite and entertaining, in equal measure. But above all it is poignant — the outline of Lucia’s tragic life is laid bare, alongside her illustrious father’s attempts to cope with it."

Review: Irish Post

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The Artist’s Model and Other Stories

Rose writes with beautiful imagery.  Each story perfectly captures the feel, the place, the voice of the tale being told and the characters in them.

         LB Sedlacek author of “The Poet Next Door,” and            “The           Jackalope Committee and Other Short Stories.”

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