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New Haiku Anthology to Include Richard's work

A new Anthology containing Haiku from around the world will be published in November 2020 by the editors of Better Than Starbucks Poetry Magazine from the USA. This will include examples of the Japanese poetic form originally published by Richard in 2019.

Capacity Building of  Young Talent in Trans-disciplinary Research for a Sustainable Development of Society

July 8th 2020

The Center for Research & Development, Holy Cross College, Tiruchirappalli in India are convening a 6 day webinar from 13th - 18th July to build capacity for researchers within the country. Richard will present a session titled "Researching Vulnerable Lives; Conducting Research Respectfully" at 11.00 (IST) for one hour on Thursday 16th July. Other speakers at this event include DR. Sanjeeva Kumar Singh, Professor in Bioinformatics, Alagappa University, DR. Nirmala Arul Rayan, Genome Institute of Singapore and DR. Parul Kumar, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies.

Developing a Commonwealth Guide to Mainstreaming Disability in Educational Policies and Systems

Richard is currently working on a project for the Commonwealth Office to produce case studies and issue guidance related to the current situation for children and students in education who have disabilities across the Commonwealth States. This is a largely desk based research process that will build upon previous work undertaken by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

"Open Up Your Thinking"

Project for New Researchers in Commonwealth Countries

May 7th 2020

During June and July as part of the Commonwealth Researchers in Pursuit endeavour groups of new researchers are being supported to develop their skills and pursue investigations related to the current Covid-19 Pandemic. New researchers are addressing specific themes under the leadership of more experienced researchers. Richard is leading a group of ten researchers from across Commonwealth States working on the theme: Access and Inclusivity in Education: Addressing the Barriers for the most Disadvantaged and Marginalised in Times of Pandemic. It is anticipated that the researchers will produce a discussion document on this issue later this summer and possibly present their findings at a conference in 2021

On-Line Research Methods Conference

May 6th 2020

Richard will presenting two sessions at a forthcoming on-line research methods conference for SNDT University Mumbai during the week beginning 8th June 2020.

Because of the on-going Covid 19 pandemic the speakers at this event who are located in India, UK and Australia will all be making their presentation from their own homes to participants who will be similarly situated. This promises to be an interesting, and possibly challenging event.

Working in Cambodia March 2020

March 23rd 2020












During recent weeks Richard has been working with colleagues from Caritas Cambodia on a project to promote social inclusion. This has involved a number of training workshops in Phnom Penh and also field work to collect data from families who have a child with disability, and schools in villages in Kampong Cham District. This was an initial phase of developing new support networks for families in village communities and also to develop awareness and generate professional development for teachers and other professionals working with families in these areas in an initiative led by Dr Bhoomikumar Jegannathan.

As part of this process Caritas produced a newsletter highlighting issues related to social awareness that can be accessed here:



Members of the Caritas field work team with staff and children from a village school

Village in Kampong Cham District during field work visit

It is anticipated that a follow-up visit to Cambodia will be made once the Covid-19 pandemic has receded in order to commence the development and delivery of a model of support within the communities visited thus far.

A workshop conducted in Phnom Penh involved critical workers from health, education and social welfare in drawing together priorities to inform a development plan which will assist in the establishment of an effective support model. A main feature of the field work was to enable parents and village workers to have asay in what they wanted to happen and to enable greater understanding of the ways in which future support can be provided.

In May 2020 two poems based upon Richard's experiences in Cambodia were published in the South East Asia Literary Magazine Anak Sastra. A link can be found on the non-academic writing page

New Academic Publication

February 19th 2020

A further paper has been published reporting research conducted by Richard and colleagues for UNICEF in Bhutan.

The reference for this paper is: 

Preece, D., Murray, J., Rose, R., Yu Zhao & Garner, P.  (2020) Public knowledge and attitudes regarding children with disabilities, their experience and support in Bhutan: a national survey. Early Child Development and Care, DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2020.1730432

All Russian Scientific Conference of Young and Emerging Educational Researchers

Richard will be presenting a keynote address at the 19th Annual Conference for Young and Emerging Educational Researchers to be held in Moscow on 14th - 15th May 2020.  SADLY, BUT FOR OBVIOUS REASONS THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  I HOPE MY COLLEAGUES IN RUSSIA AND ELSEWHERE STAY SAFE AND WELL

Research Field Work in Telangana, India

February  8th 2020

Research Team During Field  Work in Rural Telangana State

At the end of January and in early February Richard worked with a team of researchers and interpreters collecting data in villages in rural Telangana State, India. The work involved interviews with parents of children with disabilities, and professionals, including therapists and teachers who support families. The field work was part of the project to investigate the lives of families who have a child with disability, which aims to understand their lives and make recommendations for changes to support provision to improve their access to services and education. During the visit observations were made in a number of rehabilitation centres, schools and other facilities currently offering support to families.

The photograph shows the research team and interpreters at their accommodation in Mahabubnagar.

The team is currently working on transcription, translation and analysis of data and will reassemble in Hyderabad in September 2020.

During this visit Richard also presented a workshop on qualitative research methods at Hyderabad Central University.

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