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Research Activity

Richard is currently involved in a number of research activities.

This section provides details of these.


A Situational Analysis of Persons with Autism in Cambodia

A Team of Cambodian colleagues from the Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Heath in Phnom Penh, led by Richard as Principal Investigator have recently conducted an analysis of the provision available to support young people with autistic spectrum disorders and the families across the country. This project, funded by ACCESS Australia/ Cambodia has gathered data to inform a research report and make recommendations for the improvement of support provision. 

The project is now entering a development phase to address some of the recommendations made in the report, including the raising of awareness about autism and the development of provision and training of professionals in education, care and health settings. The report from the research can be accessed by clicking on Report (below).



Investigating the Impact and Sustainability of Health and Social Care Provision for Families and Children with Disabilities in Rural Telangana State, India.


Children with disabilities and their families living in subsistence agricultural communities in rural India often have difficulties accessing health, education and social welfare provision. A project established in Telangana State has been working to provide social and therapeutic services for families and children in country districts. This project is gathering data from service users (parents and other family members and children) and service providers (therapists, welfare professionals, school principals) to ascertain the impact of the services being provided. The project which is led by Richard Rose, is being conducted with a team of four Indian researchers (Professor Jayanthi Narayan, Dr Johnson Jament, Dr Ratika Malkani and Mr Shankar Matam) supported by a team of interpreters. The findings from the research which is supported by SAHARA Health and Development Society, Hyderabad and by The Office of the District Collector Mahubabnagar, Telangana will be used to form a plan for the further development of support services for children with disabilities and their families.  

As a result of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic this project is currently on hold.

Recently Published Paper from the Telangana Research: Rose, R., Narayan, J., Matam, S, & Reddy Sambram, P. (2021) A Comparison of Provision and Access to Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in a Metropolitan City and a Rural District in Telangana State, India. Educational Sciences 11 (3) educsci11030111

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