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Academic Publications

Richard has more than a hundred academic publications. This section contains detail of some of the most recent of these with links (HIGHLIGHTED GREEN)  to those that have open access. Please note that not all published papers have open access - please do contact Richard for details of those not linked here, or for any of his earlier publications.


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Journal and other Published Papers. (since 2000)


Rose, R. (2000) Using classroom support: a single school case study. British Journal of Special Education  27 (4) 205 – 210  0952 3383


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Shevlin, M, & Rose, R. (2022) Respecting the Voices of Individuals from Marginalised

Communities in Research— “Who Is Listening and Who Isn’t?” Educational Sciences 12, 304.

Book Chapters (Since 2000)

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Books and Research Reports (Since 2000)

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