Academic Publications

Richard has more than a hundred academic publications. This section contains detail of some of the most recent of these with links (HIGHLIGHTED GREEN)  to those that have open access. Please note that not all published papers have open access - please do contact Richard for details of those not linked here, or for any of his earlier publications.


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Rose, R., Shevlin, M., Winter, E, & O’Raw, P. (2010)

Special and inclusive education in the Republic of Ireland: reviewing the literature from 2000 to 2009

European Journal of Special Needs Education 25 (4) 357 – 371



Rose, R, & Garner, P. (2010)

The professional learning of teachers through experience in an international and intercultural context

In C, Forlin (Ed.) Teacher Education for Inclusion: Changing Paradigms and Innovative Approaches. London: Routledge 



Rose, R. (2012)

Volunteer engagement with young people at risk of exclusion: developing new perceptions of pupil and adult relationships

In T, Coles., H, Daniels, & J, Visser. (Eds.) International Companion to Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. London: Routledge



Kakabadse, N.K., Marzec, N, & Rose, R.  (2012)

What next for Children’s Services? Can policy at a local or national level have any significant impact on the outcomes for children and their families?

International Journal of Adolescence and Youth 19 (1) 84 – 98



Rose, R. (2012)

Beyond the School Gates; Promoting Inclusion through Community Partnerships

In C, Boyle & K, Topping (Eds). What works in Inclusion? Buckingham: McGraw Hill/Open University Press



Shevlin, M., Winter, E., Rose, R, & O’Raw, P. (2012)

Investigating perceptions of the assessment process for pupils with special educational needs within an Irish context

Irish Educational Studies 32 (2) 121-137


Rose, R., Shevlin, M., Winter, E., O’Raw, P, & Zhao, Y. (2013)

Individual Education Plans in The Republic of Ireland, an Emerging System

British Journal of Special Education 39 (3) 110 -116


Rose, R., Doveston, M., Rajanahally, J., Jament, J, & Visser, J. (2013)

Supporting inclusive classrooms: can western approaches to teaching be applied within an Indian context?

Proceedings of the Asian Federation of Intellectual Disabilities, International Conference. New Delhi.  978 93 83083 32 9


Rose, R. & Shevlin, M. (2014)

Developing case studies within a longitudinal study of special needs provision in the Republic of Ireland

Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs. 16, (2), 113 – 121


Rose, R., Doveston, M., Rajanahally, J, & Jament,J.  (2014)

What is Effective Inclusion? Interpreting and Evaluating a Western Concept in an Indian Context

In C. Forlin, & T. Loreman (eds.) Measuring Inclusive Education: International Perspectives on Inclusive Education, Volume 3 London: Emerald



Rose, R, & Doveston, M. (2015)

Collaboration across cultures: Planning and delivering professional development for inclusive education in India

Support for Learning. 30 (3) 5 – 11  


Rose, R, & Shevlin, M. (2015)

This is what works for me: students reflect on their experiences of special needs provision in Irish mainstream schools

In E. West (Ed.) Including Learners with Low-Incidence Disabilities. New York: Emerald


Fergusson, A., Howley, M., Rose, R, & Allan, R. (2015)

Hidden behind a label: an uneasy relationship between mental health and special needs

In P, Lacey., R, Ashdown, P, Jones., H, Lawson, & M, Pipe. (Eds.) The Routledge Companion to Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. London: Routledge


Bowen, P., Pilkington, A, & Rose, R. (2016)

The relationship between emotional intelligence and well-being in academic employees

International Journal of Social Science Studies 4, (5), 1-9   


Rose, R. (2016)

Learning from Each Other: Respecting Cultural Differences in an International Research Agenda

Revista Brasileira de Educação Especial (Brazilian Journal of Special Education) 22, (2), 167-174     


Rose, R, & Shevlin, M. (2017)

A sense of belonging: childrens’ views of acceptance in “inclusive” mainstream schools

International Journal of Whole Schooling. 13, (1), 65 – 80    


Rose, R., Shevlin, M., Twomey, M, & Zhao, Y. (2017)

Gaining access to support for children with special educational needs in the early years in Ireland: parental perspectives

International Journal of Early Years Education. 25, (4), 379-392


Bowen, P., Rose, R, & Pilkington, A. (2017)

Mixed methods- theory and practice. A sequential, explanatory approach

International Journal of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods. 5, (2), 10 – 27


Shevlin, M, & Rose, R. (2017)

Whole school approaches to inclusive education: learning from an Irish longitudinal study

In M, Milton. (Ed.) Inclusive principles and practices in literacy education. New York: Emerald    


Rose, R. (2017)

Seeking practice informed policy for inclusive education in India

Asian Journal of Inclusive Education. 5, (1), 5 – 22


Rose, R. (2017)

Allocating resources to support learners with special educational needs: Can we ever get it right? Learning from International Research

REACH, Journal of Special Needs Education in Ireland. 30, (2), 85 -87


Malkani, R, & Rose, R. (2018)

Learning from the voices of first generation learners in a remote community of Maharashtra, India

International Journal of Whole Schooling, 14 (2), 104-127


Bowen, P., Rajasinghe, D., Evans, I., Rose, R  & Pilkington, A. (2018)

A qualitative study of student retention: the university academic’s perspective

International Journal of Academic Multidisciplinary Research 2 (I0) 19-28


Garner, P., Murray, J., Preece, D., Rose, R, & Zhao, Y. (2018)

Knowledge, attitudes and practices to children with disabilities in Bhutan: a contextualised literature review

Early Child Development and Care


McCoy, S., Shevlin, M, & Rose, R. (2019)

Secondary school transition for students with special educational needs in Ireland

European Journal of Special Needs Education DOI: 10.1080/08856257.2019.1628338


Rose, R, & Rajanahally, J. (2019)

The application of inclusive principles and practice in schools in South India: Successes and challenges

In S, Johansson, & N, Singal (Eds.) Education and Disability in the Global South. London: Sage



Rose, R, & Shevlin, M. (2019)

Support provision for students with Special Educational Needs in Irish Primary Schools

Journal of Research in Special Needs Education  20 (1) 51 - 63



Rose, R., Garner, P, & Farrow, B. (2019)

Developing Inclusive Education Policy in Sierra Leone: A Research Informed Approach

In S, Halder & V, Argyropoulos (Eds.) Inclusive practices, equity and access for individuals with disabilities: Insights from educators across world. London: Palgrave MacMillan


Qureshi, S., Malkani, R, & Rose, R. (2019)

Social Justice in Education: Achieving inclusive and equitable quality education for all

In R, Papa (Ed.) The Handbook on Promoting Social Justice in Education. Cham, Switzerland: Springer


Malmqvist, J., Hellberg, K., Mollas, G., Rose, R, & Shevlin, M. (2019)

Conducting the Pilot Study: A Neglected Part of the Research Process? Methodological Findings Supporting the Importance of Piloting in Qualitative Research Studies

International Journal of Qualitative Methods. 18: 1–11



Rose, R. (2019)  Thinking about issues in education globally

In P, Verma., A, Panshikar, & Y. Gupta. (Eds.) Be the Difference: Equality and Equity in Education. New Delhi: S.R. Publishing House

Preece, D., Murray, J., Rose, R., Yu Zhao & Garner, P.  (2020)

Public knowledge and attitudes regarding children with disabilities, their experience and support in Bhutan: a national survey. Early Child Development and Care, DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2020.1730432

Rose, R, & Shevlin, M. (2021) Establishing Pathways to Inclusion. London: Routledge

Rose, R., Narayan, J., Matam, S, & Reddy Sambram, P. (2021) A Comparison of Provision and Access to Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in a Metropolitan City and a Rural District in Telangana State, India. Educational Sciences 11 (3) educsci11030111


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